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Installed bitcoin from git (howto included), but no connections

What I did:
$ sudo apt-get install libdb4.6++-dev libboost-all-dev $ git clone git:// $ cd namecoin $ cd src $ make -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP= $ echo 'rpcuser=me' > $HOME/.namecoin/bitcoin.conf $ echo 'rpcpassword=foobar' >> $HOME/.namecoin/bitcoin.conf $ echo 'rpcport=9332' >> $HOME/.namecoin/bitcoin.conf $ ./namecoind & $ ./namecoind getblockcount 0 
$ ./namecoind getinfo | grep connections "connections" : 0, 
What do? :)
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I got a namecoin dns serverset up at home, you can too.

sonicrules1234 made a nice little dns package for us.
Grab these:
Extract them somewhere.
Edit config.json with a made up user name and pw.
Try and run them (namecoind as a normal user, and namecoindns as root since it needs port 53). Probably will whine.
Kill them and edit: ~/.namecoin/bitcoin.conf
Make sure that these lines are in it:
If you like you may also want to add
Now try running them again, namecoind as a user and namecoindns as root. Should start silentish. Set your dns (/etc/resolv.conf) to localhost, and enjoy being able to access .bit TLDs.
For maximum .bits, forward port 53 on your router to whatever machine has the junk running, and then use your IP whereever you are as your dns server of .bit awesomeness.
Tutorial on setting up a domain coming soon
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How do I get started with namecoin?

I'd like to get started with namecoin how can I set this up on my windows PC?
Edit: Morning update, Thanks for everyone's help on this biosupdate's post is extremely helpful.
In some ways I think this could be slightly better than bitcoin, since it actually has a use behind the coins rather than just a medium of exchange, but we'll see.
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Getting started, need some technical support

So I've been trying to setup this namecoin system, and I can't seem to get things working properly. I've been following the guide from this post, and I'm getting held up. I download the binary, start it up the first time, and make my bitcoin.conf file. After that, whenever I hit either 'start namecoind' or 'namecoind listrecievedbyaddress' it crashes, and i get the following dump:
D:\Program Files\Namecoin>namecoind listrecievedbyaddress
EXCEPTION: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implINS0_19error_info_injectorINS_15 program_options14invalid_syntaxEEEEE unrecognized line in 'start namecoind' D:\Program Files\Namecoin\namecoind.exe in AppInit()
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_i mpl >' what(): unrecognized line in 'start namecoind'
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.
D:\Program Files\Namecoin>
Unfortunately, it isn't useful to me because I can't parse that, but maybe the minds of reddit could tell me what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?
EDIT: Fixed thanks to biosupdate (the user, not the fix). I had too much info in my bitcoin.conf file, all it needs are the rpcuser and rpcpass lines. Everything else was a simply list of commands.
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Need help setting up Namecoin.

So I followed instructions from here and it wouldn't compile so I dug and found that I needed some more crap that were dependencies(which I got) and it finally compiled. Then I tried to run it and I set up my bitcoin.conf file (in the .namecoin dir). When I do run ./namecoind it doesn't ever say namecoin server starting. It just kinda sits there for a while and never does anything. I know that in the documentation it says to NOT use Berkeley DB 4.8. But I think it came default on ubuntu 11.4 server(which is what I'm using). Could that explain it? Or would it just crash if that was the problem? Or should I just be more patient and give it like 30 minutes instead of an like 2?
I already installed Berkeley db 4.7 in addition to whatever was there before (berkeley 4.8 I think). If 4.7 was installed when I compiled the namecoin source, will it choose to address the 4.7 db (and just work even though the newer one is there?) or will it use the newer version, and just not work? Did anyone else have this problem?
If I'm not being clear please tell me.
TL;DR Namecoin wont run(doesnt do anything). Is it because I have Berkeley DB 4.8 and Berkeley DB 4.7 installed when I compile the source? Or is it fine and 2 minutes isn't long enough for it to initialize on Ubuntu 11.4 server on a decade old machine?
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New to Namecoin, seeking a little guidance

Oi, so I've been mining Bitcoins for a few weeks and want to migrate a few over the Namecoin to register a .bit domain for me an my lads. Problem is, the Namecoin software throws "Bitcoin: Warning: Please check that your computer's date and time are correct. If your clock is wrong Bitcoin will not work properly." I synced my system time with M$ and - same gig; no dice. EDIT: restarted my system, ran NC fresh before any BC software... 20 minutes later, a simple blank console. No input possible. On the upside, GUIMiner seems to be mining sans-errors... but how do I check my address/balance without input, eh?
Am I doing something wrong here? I have bitcoin.conf set up properly (I think) and my BT miner has been accruing me satoshis for awhile now... Anyways, besides these practical issues I have some technical issues that have been left unanswered by the dot-bit wiki as of yet if anyone'd like to take a crack at answering them:
Being new to Namecoin, I'm still quite muddy on if it's more convenient to simply pay BTC to a registrar or do the do myself. Any help is, as always, much appreciated. Thanks, lads v lasses
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How to setup a namecoin wallet - YouTube How to Mine Bitcoins Using Your Own Computer - YouTube cloud mining 10 ghs gratis untuk mining namecoin dan bitcoin Test Scanning my Stainless Steel BITCOIN Wallet - YouTube Minar Bitcoin - Litecoin - BlackCoin - Namecoin - Dogecoin. (Muchas mas, FACIL)

Namecoin is a decentralized open source information registration and transfer system based on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. What does Namecoin do? Securely record and transfer arbitrary names (keys). Attach a value (data) to the names (up to 520 bytes, more in the future). Transact Namecoins, the digital currency (ℕ, NMC). Namecoin was the first fork of Bitcoin and still is one of the most ... Hey, ich versuche, mich mit meinem Namescoin-Server zu verbinden. Ich habe das erste name_firstupdate gehostet und durchgeführt. Ich verwende easybitcoin.php. Ich habe das rnd und txid, das ich vom Schritt name_new benötige, gespeichert, aber wenn ich den Code ausführte, antwortet der Server nicht mit irgendetwas. Ich habe meine namecoind name_list überprüft, die Domain, die registriert ... Move you entire .bitcoin folder to the new location, except for bitcoin.conf which you must leave where it is in the existing .bitcoin folder. Edit bitcoin.conf to add datadir={full path to new .bitcoin folder}. Start Bitcoin Core and check properly that everything is alright, your wallet is accessible and, balances correct, etc. Protect your USB disk and make regular secure backup copies of ... Namecoin is a domain name system based on Bitcoin.It extends Bitcoin to add transactions for registering, updating and transferring names. The idea behind this is to provide an alternative to the existing DNS system where names can be taken from their owners by groups that control the DNS servers. The -gen flag actually started a CPU miner process in older versions of the Bitcoin client, before CPU mining became obsolete.. What you're probably thinking was more like bitcoind -server or `bitcoind -server -RPCALLOWIP=192.168.1.* -RPCPORT=8333 which would start a listening Bitcoin server from which a proper miner could obtain getworks. Since namecoind is a direct port of bitcoind with only ...

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How to setup a namecoin wallet - YouTube

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