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Gravel Institute: kinda peeved that no one hacked us for Bitcoin :(

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Anyone else a little peeved about Bitcoin? I'm growing resentful...

It's good in the sense in introduces people to crypto, it's a familiar name. But it's running on outdated models. Bitcoin will have its place in history like any inchoate technology that creates an industry, but at ~$14k? No. I believe there are better options. DASH, LTC, and XMR just to name a few.
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What's your pet peeve as a Bitcoin-trader/holder?

What's you biggest problem as an BTC-TradeHolder? What's the one pesky task that you hate the most. Your pet peeve?
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Flinders' students and web developers: [email protected] has to be to most bloated and irritating search system I've used.

I've spent the last few days trawling journal articles researching the history of research on a specific engineering phenomenon. I've known [email protected] is bad for a while but the last few days have annoyed me enough to bitch about it on Reddit.
So, the list:
Forced scroll. When you click "show more" search results, it force scrolls you down to the next page. Even before the force scroll nonsense, it's particularly annoying because my preference is to have what I've reading near the middle of the screen, so when I want to read the bottom-most displayed result I instinctively click show more so I can scroll down a bit more. Instead I've forced onto the next page. It doesn't even cut out when I try scrolling the other way.
Lagging when opening dropdown tabs. Given they should just contain some basic web functions, why does my computer lag when opening them? A beefy gaming computer and it lags when opening. I used Firefox's web developer tools to check it out: fps dropped to 10 fps.
Lagging when clicking "show more". Seven full seconds of sub 10 fps performance, hitting a low of 1.6 fps for two seconds. I'm almost tempted to ask if you're running bitcoin mining in the background. A new search is pretty similar to this too.
eJournal search. I search for a journal by name, it adds a "helpful" suggestion, I click "no, don't include that unhelpful suggestion" and it forces me out of eJournal search into a general search where I can't search for said journal. Solution: trawl through the 10,000+ journal list for the journal I need. It is sorted alphabetically and I can select by starting letter, but it only shows 10 results at a time so I can't go ctrl+f and unfortunately the journal I need is called "Proceedings of ..." and no doubt a thousand odd journals start with that.
Logging in every half-hour. I'm not sure what the interval actually is but I feel like I keep having to log in. Fine, on a university computer I get why they do this, but on my home computer there absolutely should be a "stay logged in" checkbox.
Complete lack of settings. Maybe it's hidden somewhere and I'm blind, but I've never been able to find a settings page. I'd like to think that there could be options to switch different things on and off, like a lightweight mode that strips out the bloat or stopping forced scroll or an option to always show advanced search, but I've never seen it.
To make it all worse, this isn't some garbage slapped together under the leadership of a middle manager who has no idea what they are doing, this is a professional web package. The university no doubt paid massive amounts of money for this. It's called Ex Libris Primo if you're curious.
I'm no web developer, but it does check a lot of my web design pet peeves and annoyances. The only thing that could make it worse are a light box asking for my email to send me spam and forcing me to download an app to use some of the functionality Facebook style.
Edit: apparently there are tags on [email protected]. Besides the top tag only having five instances, why?
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A deep undercover shill shares pet peeves: "Anyone who says anything remotely negative and questioning about bitcoin should be reported to the mods. And please don't reply to their comments, that way they can be completely removed without leaving behind those awkward "deleted" notes."

Well if this is the thread to be negative in then here goes: The thing I hate most about bitcoin is all those negative comments. Why can't people just take the most positive and optimistic view on everything related to bitcoin? What do we really gain from people offering "alternative viewpoints"?
It's like these people haven't ever seen (the first ten minutes of) the Lego movie. Everything is awesome, everyone is happy all the time, and anyone who suggests that problems might exist is clearly wrong and we shouldn't listen to them!
Let's just all agree not to feed the trolls. Anyone who says anything remotely negative and questioning about bitcoin should be reported to the mods. And please don't reply to their comments, that way they can be completely removed without leaving behind those awkward "deleted" notes.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: What are some pet peeves that you’ve run into since following the Dave Ramsey way? /r/DaveRamsey

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Pet peeve about bitcoin acceptance

Why does everyone who accepts Bitcoin always price it in Fiat, rather than offer a bitcoin price? I can understand this for retailers who want or have to convert their revenue instantly to cash, but what about charities that accept donation etc?
Take a look at this person who donated to Wikimedia Instead of being able to donate say, 0.05 BTC the options were $10, $20 etc and then you were given some unfriendly number of BTC that it converts to.
In my own experience ( I wanted to donate exactly 0.2 BTC to the EFF so I had to fiddle with their $USD amount to donate, up a little, down a little, cancel and try again etc to get as close as I could. Then it was still not exact. I ended up just sending my exact 0.2 BTC to them, which I hope worked out.
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What's your pet peeve as a Bitcoin-trader/holder? /r/BitcoinMarkets

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Bitcoin Grifter gives up US citizenship to avoid taxes, peeved he can't hang around here any more.

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what do you guys think of blockchain WITHOUT cryptocurrency?

title basically.
it's also one of my pet peeves that when people think "blockchain" they immediately think cryptocurrency or something like that. the fact of the matter is too many people think that a "blockchain application" immediately means the meme of, "oh not this bitcoin bull shit again."
prime example: the Chinese communist party likes blockchain but hates cryptocurrency. IBM has talked about blockchain without mentioning crypto as well, and they are hiring blockchain engineers globally last I checked.
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Taking back the economic discourse and dismantling maximalist arguments

I have been wanting to share a few thoughts regarding the long-term prospects of Ethereum and Bitcoin. I see a renewed appetite to take control of the discourse in /ethfinance and dispel some of the most common nonsense spread by Bitcoin maximalists. Plus I'm on vacation so I have more time to put these thoughts in written form.
Would love to initiate some open discussion about these topics and, why not, give a space for others to contribute to their particular pet peeves if they never thought of opening a thread for it.
Store of Value Use Case
There is no such thing as pure Store of Value Use Case. Store of Value is a derived Use Case of an asset that satisfies certain properties that make it increasingly more desired as time goes on. At a minimum it requires to be a good Medium of Exchange; because if it cannot be exchanged it only holds value in your head, maybe it holds value in the collective heads of a community but in the end if that value cannot be exchanged then you cannot exercise on that accrued value which defeats the purpose.
The rhetoric of a pure Store of Value Use Case is flawed, in fact this was very well understood in Nakamoto's paper which focuses primarily on the Medium of Exchange Use Case plus some additional properties (algorithmic issuance-rate, immutability, censorship resistance, resistance to manipulation...) to all together derive a strong case for a Store of Value Use Case. To quote the abstract:
Abstract. A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. [...]
Those that have been in this space long enough know how the discourse has been distorted since then, but the initial paper is clear in the importance of Medium of Exchange.
Long Term Security Economics of Blockchain
In the long term for a hard capped currency like Bitcoin the security of the ledger is increasingly paid in fees instead of new issuance (as the algorithmically defined issuance converges to 0). Since the space of transactions is constrained by the blockchain's scalability, the fees will have to become increasingly more expensive. This is a gigantic blow to the intended decentralized nature of the blockchain but maybe most importantly it is a deathblow to the Medium of Exchange Use Case (see point above). There is a very real possibility that in the long term your stored value in the ledger is trapped and cannot be acted upon due to the transaction fees being costlier than said value thus making it unprofitable to move.
There are several ways to alleviate this problem. Higher transaction throughput (pushes costs per tx down), more efficient use of external resources as to reduce the budget necessary to provide an equivalent security or maintain an issuance rate to cover for part of the security budget.
The Capped Issuance Myth
One of the solutions mentioned above is to run a small amount of issuance which helps pay for the security of the blockchain. This has become anathema in the pure SoV camp for reasons that escape my understanding. In a way, the total number of BTC in existence has become a religious dogma (21 million not one more nor less) and for them the SoV Use Case is derived from this hard cap.
This is totally not the case, what's important is that the issuance-rate is resistant to manipulation as to guarantee that no-one in the future can decide to print money recklessly. This is achieved by the decentralized nature of blockchain governance as such a change requires a hard-fork and thus cannot be achieved without the support of 51% of the miners. Extrapolating the issuance rate to the infinite future to argue there is an infinite amount of ETH is bullshit because we will encounter the thermal death of the universe much earlier. What matters is how much it costs to secure the network going forward, the lower you can make your security budget the less you will need new issuance while avoiding the fee trap. And for that PoS seems the best solution at the moment.
Proof of Work makes for a poor Global Reserve Currency
I would argue as follows, you want your global reserve currency to serve of unit of account for the World's wealth. For that to be possible you need to be able to map one-to-one (create a bijection) between the market cap of the global reserve currency and all of the World's wealth. If your global reserve currency is an asset or commodity of the World's wealth then such bijection is not possible and this introduces pernicious economic incentives. For example, if gold is the global reserve currency its value as global reserve currency (acting as unit of account for the World's wealth) competes with its value for any other industrial or scientific use. Every use of gold as an inert metal with excellent conductivity may be disfavored for uses whose value is inferior to its global reserve currency derived value. I find this an absurd economic proposition, gold is far more economically valuable for its chemical properties than stored in a vault.
In the case of PoW the argument is the same but the commodity in this case is energy. The situation is much worse because as much as gold is useful, energy is absolutely vital. Imagine every use of energy less profitable than the equivalent use for block rewards being priced out.
If I had to guess the future Global Reserve Currency will more likely resemble a Proof of Stake. It may be a DPoS between a few main Central Banks or maybe they lose the battle to a fully decentralized and public blockchain like Ethereum but I don't see how a Proof of Work can work out for such a task.
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How long is GDAX going to lock my funds once the deposit happens?

My second biggest pet peeve about Coinbase is how you deposit money and then you can't do any thing with that money for 14 days. So say I want to buy bitcoin and transfer it somewhere. I literally have to wait 3 - 5 days for the money to hit account then 2 whole weeks just to withdraw / move. So what you end up doing is depositing USD and then waiting to buy when the 14 days is up so you don't lose money between fees and price fluctuation.
I rarely trade anymore and it is just a way to move money around so I buy then sell / withdraw from somewhere as BTC and immediately sell. Coinbase always took huge fees and never let you sell coin at market price. So I always use GDAX.
I'm seeing a new issue I have never seen. I deposited Sunday. The deposit shows it happened. The money was pulled from my bank. But GDAX says my money will arrive on the 21st. My fear is, it will arrive on the 21st (9 days after deposit) then the 14 day count starts. I've always gone into Coinbase first and the money deposited in a couple of days and the wait time began. I really don't want to wait 23 days just to unlock my money. The deposit shows in my account information on GDAX with the IDs and all.
How long after the money is actually credited to my account will I be able to withdraw it? Will I have to wait 14 days starting on the 21st or is GDAX different where that initial delay is the wait period?
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Starting a Bitcoin Meet up!!!

I was hoping if anyone in fresno would like to start a bitcoin community I a have an good knowledge of the technology and would like to learn and teach more about bitcoin. Possibly anyone to discuss ideas on economic effects and also see if we can make free space projects together and getting bitcoin to the people.
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More reddit analysis for fun

So most of you guys know my last data digging through the rBtc and rBitcoin subreddits (the BTCSRs from here on) showing nicely how nullc decided to increase use of the term 'Bitcoin's creator' in place of 'Satoshi' in recent times and thereby confirming drwasho's intuitive suspicion.
Now, given the success of this investigation, I was wondering whether I could generalize this approach to dig through user histories to try to find more such interesting terms. I see this is mostly a fun exercise that might show further suspicious or even just interesting or funny things about us.
So here's my method: I use the BTCSRs and the same date range (2009 - Oct 31st 2016) as above.
The general method is to look at bigram (pairs of word) statistics for a certain user vs. the rest of the BTCSR data.
To count bigrams, I take a comment, remove quoted text from comments, replace the characters ',;.!?' with spaces and then split the lowercased result by using the python string.split(..) method and then count pairs of adjacent such tokenized words. The analysis turns out to be somewhat sensitive to the tokenization used; I think the basic approach is fine but if someone has a great I idea on how to improve this, I am all ears.
I first count bigrams of the whole BTCSR.
I then take a user (from a random selection of users that just came to mind and while looking through the last submissions here on rBtc) and count the bigram frequency distribution for that user and all his comments.
I then look for those bigrams that fulfil the following two criterions:
I then sort the resulting set of terms according to maximum ratio user_frequency / total_frequency (highest first) and print it (up to the first 20).
For those wondering why the numbers for Greg don't exactly match his 'Bitcoin's creator' example, it should be noted that the number of terms are slightly different to my last analysis. Among other things, this is due to:
I think the results below are interesting and I can certainly see my own pet peeves reflected in this analysis, as well as some common talking points by others :-) It also nicely exposes the 'Bitcoin' creator' thing again. But decide for yourself. If you want your name added to this list, just reply and ask. So here we go:
Terms of interest by nullc, term, user count, total count, fraction:
 bitcoin's creator 133 200 0.67 block relay 100 350 0.29 fast block 47 183 0.26 the system's 66 270 0.24 bip 109 37 152 0.24 elements alpha 32 162 0.20 doubly so 20 102 0.20 competing systems 20 103 0.19 majority hashpower 23 120 0.19 round trip 36 189 0.19 signature validation 29 153 0.19 is untrue 44 235 0.19 lite clients 30 170 0.18 p2p protocol 38 219 0.17 a specification 27 159 0.17 security properties 16 103 0.16 the bloom 23 150 0.15 not validating 19 124 0.15 consensus changes 17 111 0.15 utxo bloat 15 100 0.15 
by myself awemany:
 utxo commitments 50 166 0.30 the 32mb 32 125 0.26 32mb limit 22 108 0.20 tunnel vision 20 102 0.20 on blocksize 43 261 0.16 note also 24 148 0.16 different jurisdictions 16 107 0.15 of greg 14 103 0.14 gavin's proposal 38 285 0.13 with n 14 105 0.13 per node 19 146 0.13 emphasis mine 16 123 0.13 payment hubs 17 140 0.12 block transmission 12 106 0.11 group think 16 144 0.11 blocksize cap 65 592 0.11 physical limits 11 102 0.11 crippling the 18 168 0.11 on bct 18 169 0.11 hard cap 59 554 0.11 
 bloom filtering 24 126 0.19 
 the queues 82 100 0.82 the "fee 213 315 0.68 relay nodes 243 409 0.59 "fee market" 307 580 0.53 000 | 74 144 0.51 the 21inc 56 115 0.49 total hashpower 73 161 0.45 the cartel 204 476 0.43 branch will 50 119 0.42 traffic will 42 102 0.41 overlay network 41 103 0.40 clients who 114 291 0.39 that clients 41 110 0.37 block n 42 114 0.37 speculative trading 53 154 0.34 bit shares 53 155 0.34 ditto for 43 129 0.33 the bip66 34 116 0.29 gambling game 30 104 0.29 ln payment 37 131 0.28 
 broadband connection 43 108 0.40 txs per 28 105 0.27 txs that 42 161 0.26 throwaway accounts 39 154 0.25 tx data 26 105 0.25 core contributors 43 179 0.24 txs to 38 164 0.23 bitcoin main 32 147 0.22 cryptocurrency market 26 139 0.19 5 percent 34 182 0.19 digital scarcity 39 214 0.18 bandwidth growth 19 106 0.18 real account 24 134 0.18 8 gb 44 247 0.18 transactional currency 35 198 0.18 on trusted 30 172 0.17 the sc 26 153 0.17 of txs 46 273 0.17 limit needs 18 108 0.17 shorter block 28 169 0.17 
 fake coins 12 100 0.12 
 claimed i 22 102 0.22 vast number 19 114 0.17 refund transaction 25 162 0.15 risk more 33 234 0.14 watching only 17 124 0.14 actual fact 14 103 0.14 in cs 13 100 0.13 and jon 13 101 0.13 blockstream core 99 797 0.12 heaps of 21 171 0.12 no-one will 15 124 0.12 no-one is 32 272 0.12 quite certain 18 157 0.11 blockchain security 16 141 0.11 i've followed 14 124 0.11 decentralised network 16 144 0.11 and though 28 257 0.11 in earnest 14 129 0.11 0 https://bitcointalk 17 162 0.10 no-one can 19 184 0.10 
 php topic=68655 65 136 0.48 b/c they 53 130 0.41 b/c the 37 101 0.37 b/c it 39 129 0.30 b/c of 68 225 0.30 the sc 45 153 0.29 https://bitco in/forum/threads/gold-collapsing-bitcoin-up 56 198 0.28 75% discount 18 104 0.17 profit company 25 145 0.17 the ppl 19 114 0.17 the mainchain 42 266 0.16 the gfc 20 166 0.12 on bct 19 169 0.11 ppl who 20 192 0.10 most ppl 12 116 0.10 small blockists 18 175 0.10 of ppl 17 170 0.10 
 75 % 124 174 0.71 100 % 55 199 0.28 usd verify 32 123 0.26 flexible transactions 44 170 0.26 mb hard 47 189 0.25 mb blocksize 38 154 0.25 usd / 62 252 0.25 1 75 43 182 0.24 core project 47 217 0.22 wladimir van 27 128 0.21 big blocker 36 189 0.19 10 % 29 158 0.18 a spinoff 23 128 0.18 jihan wu 30 188 0.16 big blockers 95 605 0.16 5 % 25 160 0.16 ln hub 41 263 0.16 small blocker 36 237 0.15 fork code 24 158 0.15 blockstream / 19 130 0.15 
 in submissions 45 173 0.26 no referral 49 231 0.21 referral links 54 451 0.12 begging/asking for 19 180 0.11 
 blocksize cap 117 592 0.20 a spinoff 25 128 0.20 of dev 17 106 0.16 schelling point 23 145 0.16 bitcoin's ledger 17 116 0.15 21m coin 19 145 0.13 new ledger 14 120 0.12 bitcoin ledger 34 335 0.10 
 / core 14 124 0.11 blockstream / 14 130 0.11 : https://www 26 255 0.10 
 free coins 31 290 0.11 
 entry credits 44 251 0.18 rube goldberg 20 123 0.16 was censored 22 148 0.15 note: this 26 201 0.13 get orphaned 32 266 0.12 lol @ 55 532 0.10 
 by full 35 183 0.19 max block 286 2134 0.13 bitcoin experts 33 257 0.13 rules no 14 117 0.12 lightweight clients 20 175 0.11 invalid chain 15 135 0.11 btc coin 12 109 0.11 with pruning 13 125 0.10 initial sync 26 255 0.10 
 bitcoin's ledger 12 116 0.10 
 to /changetip 116 131 0.89 satoshis changetip 316 539 0.59 daily thread 53 115 0.46 upvotes changetip 63 157 0.40 100000 satoshis 36 103 0.35 changetip tip 37 117 0.32 10 upvotes 38 133 0.29 tip it 144 513 0.28 that mods 29 115 0.25 deterministic seed 23 100 0.23 mbtc changetip 41 201 0.20 400 bits 60 309 0.19 thread](https://www reddit 36 208 0.17 changetip private 248 1489 0.17 moronic monday 24 151 0.16 comments which 17 113 0.15 it forward 185 1249 0.15 answer changetip 15 107 0.14 a giveaway 17 126 0.13 to subscribe 63 473 0.13 
 spam filtering 44 125 0.35 addresses don't 35 177 0.20 ecdsa private 18 100 0.18 consented to 21 119 0.18 spam filters 19 111 0.17 8 peers 17 102 0.17 since 0 18 108 0.17 hardforks are 32 202 0.16 addresses do 17 123 0.14 hardfork in 27 198 0.14 light clients 35 271 0.13 consensus systems 22 180 0.12 the centralised 15 127 0.12 consensus protocol 28 249 0.11 their spam 12 112 0.11 require consensus 13 125 0.10 hardfork would 12 117 0.10 on trusting 16 157 0.10 signed messages 17 167 0.10 
 bitcoin's ledger 27 116 0.23 new ledger 24 120 0.20 blocksize cap 84 592 0.14 wide ledger 17 123 0.14 21m coin 17 145 0.12 
 cap increase 86 209 0.41 urgency to 40 120 0.33 that wright 67 359 0.19 cap increases 18 102 0.18 support both 38 234 0.16 the urgency 27 180 0.15 wright is 115 826 0.14 reasonable doubt 59 459 0.13 he supposedly 14 110 0.13 block cap 23 186 0.12 people believing 12 109 0.11 into irrelevance 11 100 0.11 to bolster 17 169 0.10 
 missing transactions 24 103 0.23 
 active developers 29 101 0.29 try localbitcoins 91 446 0.20 white list 22 112 0.20 mission of 26 142 0.18 rate limit 29 173 0.17 try electrum 24 150 0.16 $0 03 31 194 0.16 rate limited 19 124 0.15 the mission 35 243 0.14 try circle 28 203 0.14 favor a 14 105 0.13 reuse an 13 108 0.12 around $0 22 186 0.12 42 million 13 110 0.12 lite clients 20 170 0.12 fiat exchanges 16 139 0.12 don't decide 15 134 0.11 $0 04 17 160 0.11 
No results found for gavinandresen, pwuille, raisethelimit, digitsu, Egon_1, ThomasZander, deadalnix, randy-lawnmole, Windowly, BeijingBitcoins, Helvetian616, BiggerBlocksPlease, 8btccom, saddit42, jessquit, KillerHurds, thestringpuller, MeTheImaginaryWizard, Leithm, steb2k, Matthew-Davey, s1ckpig, thezerg, redlightsaber.
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This take down is making me paranoid.

It seems like a small group of people have a lot of control over bitcoin and they are peeved off about the Segwit cancellation. They are moving a bunch of their coins to bitcoin cash... and they own bitcoin cash!
I'm not feeling bitcoin is decentralized right now. How about you? Who are these people? It seems they have a large control of it all?
Roger Ver said bitcoin cash will become bitcoin soon. Maybe he said that because he can make it happen?
This is the first time I've questioned the trustworthiness of bitcoin. How about you?
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[rant] the real solution to dogecoin's value is not removing inflation.

This is such a big pet peeve for me right now because misinformed economics is also a huge pet peeve for me in the other big subreddit I go to, /runescape (there it's the misinformed opinions on the GE).
This has been stated before many times but I feel like people need to be reminded. And also because I'm really frustrated.


You know why there is majority inflationary currencies and why we went off the gold standard? Because inflation is better for currencies!
Yes, your investment loses value, but that's the point of a currency! It's a thing that facilitates the transfer of wealth! If your money grew in value every day, why spend it? Why not wait til Friday and pay your rent? Then why not wait til June to buy that thing? Then why go get a job at all if you're earning value by doing nothing for the economy?
Yes, deflation is good for investments, but we are not a Fortune 500 company. We are a community of people who want to transfer goods and services around! There's a giant difference. You will not get rich without effort with Dogecoin. The Gold Rush has passed, people. Dogecoin will not become $5 each in a year like Bitcoin. It will become $5 each through collective dedication and hard work. Using the rocket analogy, NASA doesn't launch their spaceships like we would start a car – each launch costs well into the $100 millions.

Our real inflation is actually shrinking.

Inflation is also dependent on how much is lost! If people lose their doge all the time, and consistently lose more than 5 billion a year, then doge is actually deflationary, not inflationary! Just because we have a permanent 10k a block reward doesn't necessarily mean we're inflationary.
Furthermore, each block that passes, our inflation rate is actually shrinking, because there are more coins. Unlike the Federal Reserve that can print out as much money as they want, we can only mint 10k per minute. If that is not enough to maintain a set inflation rate, then that's too bad.
Assuming inflation is bad, and the US tries to maintain an inflation rate of 2% each year, why is the US dollar the most valuable currency in the world? Exactly, because inflation does not preclude a currency from becoming successful and may in fact be helpful. Inflation is not a death sentence. (That's hyperinflation.)

Inflation v deflation is about what we want to be.

Do we want to be an investment? Then we want deflation. But what value do we serve? None, the only value is that it'll be an investment for other people. You know what that is? A Ponzi scheme. Unless we can prove that we can make each coin useful (which, by the way, is a number on a computer, and not even an entire number so not even an entire byte), an "investment" currency is just a scam.
Do we want to be useful? Then we want inflation. It'll encourage people to exchange currency for valuable goods and services as soon as possible. You know what that is? A currency.

So why are we losing real value each day?

Bitcoin and Litecoin have grown, as have many others. I will not argue otherwise that we are losing value. But what is the issue?
The issue is adoption. Inflation is good for a currency, but a currency is worthless without adoption. A good currency can be exchanged directly for non-financial goods and services and not just a proxy for another better currency.
So my request is to shut up about Inflation v Deflation and talk about real issues like how to get more people to utilize it, and how to solve the issues it shares with Bitcoin and the likes, and how to create more infrastructure around Dogecoin itself.
I personally would like to interact with people using Dogecoin – buy stuff on a Dogecoin, and purchase things that charities would like directly without having to convert to USD or the local currency. Could that mean medicine for charities like Doctors Without Borders? Or would that be custom-made socks for the most recent charity effort? Whatever that could mean.
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Bitcoin Transaction Fees Ruining Bitcoin

I've been using bitcoin for a long time. I do not care about profiting off of this technology, I simply buy it and spend it immediately so the price rollercoaster does not affect me. I always tell people to spend bitcoin so it is seen as a currency, not just an investment.
But today I'm peeved off about bitcoin and probably will stop using it.
First I bought $80 of coin from CoinBase and was charged $14 in fees to send to my personal wallet. Yes, I should of used GDAX but thats besides the point.
Then I tried to make a $100 purchase on BitPay. The fee was $22 fucking dollars. That is absolutely absurd.
Unless these fees go back down significantly, all I see bitcoin as is a huge HODL bubble that will burst. Because people like me don't want to be charged out the asshole just spend it.
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Worth Buying Now or is it too late?

I sold a lot of my bitcoin @ 6153 thinking it was going to crash again, but now it seems to be a steady increase in value and I'm a little peeved. Is it worth it throwing some money at it now or are you guys thinking it has / will soon peak?
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What's the financial incentive for a miner to mine BU over core?

Honest question. I'm not a miner, I don't have particularly strong feelings about the situation (well i am peeved i just had to spend $6 on transaction fees for a single transaction!!! when i started in bitcoin 4 years ago i was paying about 1 cent, i believe). With small blocks, don't miners make more money because of transaction fees? With larger blocks, fees will go down, and I suppose mining costs may go up. How do you sell miners on switching to BU? Because people like me will switch to something like DASH if fees continue to be so high? Or is there something else? Sorry if it's been asked already. Honestly I already moved half my coins to Dash after getting frustrated with the stagnation in Bitcoin development. Thanks in advance.
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Erich’s “What in the (cyber security) world is going on?” 03-02-17 edition

Since I got decent feedback on this, I'll post it up again this week. I will go ahead and copy/paste the contents instead of a link. This is a recap of things I have blogged about this week and some from twitter. I have to remove any pictures I use to post here, but they are in the original on my site if you want to see it in all of its glory. :)  
Enjoy, and as always, I'm open to feedback.
OK, this is a VERY packed edition of the weekly wrap up of security stuff.
Amazon S3 went down for a while
There was a collective cry of pain and the echoing sound of SLAs being violated when Amazon's S3 service went down. To top it off, their dashboard showed that all things were warm and fuzzy for quite some time. The official word was, that the outage is due to “high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1,”. By "high error rates", they meant all hell was breaking loose somewhere. This prompted a lot of fun on the Twitters as folks weren't so happy about things being up in flames around them. Imagine that.
Cloudpets leaked a bunch of data because they are idiots
I'm a bit peeved at this since my youngest daughter (and therefore me) has one of these. Luckily we didn't do much with it, but for those that have, recordings and info was leaked due to poor security. It even seems they were warned about in advance. This really does make sad because the little buggers are adorable and are a great idea for those who travel a lot, or are deployed.
Android Ransomware Wants Victims To Speak The Unlock Code
Lockdroid is throwing out a new twist. What could possibly go wrong here? Think about how often you have been annoyed by trying to get a machine to understand your voice. Imagine that after you have been ransomed. You are really screwed if you are Scottish (language warning)!
Torrent spread macOS ransomware spotted in the wild. Decryption doesn't work even if you pay
It looks like this Mac ransomware is spreading by posing as a software license crack in torrents. The bad news is, even if you pay, the dev doesn't have the key to decrypt the files. Another lesson to stay away from illegitimate software.
Spora Ransomware Chat Logs posted
This is an interesting read if you want to see what happens with the Spora ransomware chat help. Looks like no chance to negotiate price, but you can get some time.
Cloudbleed strikes: If You Use Any Of These Sites, Reset Your Password Now
Cloudflare had a memory leak, so if you went to any of the 5 million sites impacted between 09-22-2016 and 2-18-2017, your passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data may have been leaked. The list of affected sites is here.
American Senior Communities Falls For A W2 Scam. 17,000 Employees Affected
The scam happened in mid-January, but they didn't realize it until employees started having trouble filing returns in mid-February. This is the third Central Indiana employer in less than a month to fall for W2 scams. Monarch Beverage Co. and Scotty's Brewhouse also fell for it, with the employee at Monarch having done the same thing last year.
Sometimes I just want to shake people until they get it and put training and procedures in place to stop this sort of thing. It's really not that hard or expensive to implement.
W2 scams are no joke and really mess with the employees. Please be careful when handling this sort of info.
Do You Know What Your Cyber Insurance Really Covers?
This is just a reminder to be aware of what is and isn't covered by your cyber insurance. I highly recommend that you speak with an agent and do a review of the coverages BEFORE it hits the fan. I recently learned that while notification can be the most expensive part of a breach, it's often not covered by default in the policy. To add to that, cyber insurance is still in its infancy, so coverage is rarely standardized. Don't blame the insurance companies for this as it's a very new type of risk, it's your job to know, with their help, what you are paying for.
Take for example the P.F. Chang's breach. The $1.7 million cost of defense against customer lawsuits were covered, but the roughly $2 million in fees and fines imposed by credit card issuers to pay for notifications to cardholders, reissuance of credit cards, and other costs was not. It really pays to know what coverage you have.
Maine Credit Union Members Victims Of ATM Skimmer
Downeast Federal Credit Union found a skimmer on an ATM after several members called to report fraudulent charges. A skimmer was found on the ATM at the credit union’s Lincolnville Avenue branch. The Belfast Police Department has checked all Downeast FCU ATM machines and found no additional skimmers.
Ransomware recovery time is longer and more expensive than most think
Here are some pretty ugly numbers and a look in to why I am so obsessed with helping people avoid infection. The sad part is, you can protect yourself pretty well with basic "security 101" stuff like segmenting the network, "least privilege" access, weapons-grade backups and quality awareness training/simulated phishing. You don't need to burn money to protect yourself.
Roxana Police Department is done cleaning up after ransomware attacks
I swear, small town police departments can't wait to get hit by ransomware. I keep seeing it over and over again. In this case, "the work of sophisticated hackers who seek out vulnerabilities in digital networks, enter computer systems and encrypt important data..." (a.k.a. a piece of malware sent in a phishing email) was inconvenient rather than crippling. Based on the article and the lack of desire to share any info, along with the sensationalizing of the attack above, I'd say they are pretty embarrassed about it.
Madison, WI Requires “Unique Locking Devices” On Gas Pumps Due To Skimmers
I can't say that I like a lot of government involvement and additional regulations, but I appreciate that they are trying to stop the issue. It's far too easy for folks to install skimmers and while this doesn't solve the issue or counter skimmer overlays, it does take a step to help. Locally here in Florida, I have seen attendants at more than one Speedway station checking the pumps daily and putting on tamper seals. I have told them I appreciated the effort.
VISA warns for Flokibot Spear Phishing Infections
So, it looks like a new malware variant identified as “Flokibot” is hitting the Caribbean and LATAM. The malware is focused on point-of-sale (PoS) devices and, like so many other types of malware, is being spread predominantly by phishing email. I will be personally volunteering to go look at this threat, especially in the Caribbean, on behalf of my company. It may take a while to investigate. You know, weeks, maybe months...
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LitRPG Audiobook Podcast 003 - Dodge Tank, Steele Alchemist, Gun Meister Online
LitRPG Audiobook Podcast 003 - Dodge Tank, Steele Alchemist, Gun Meister Online
You can watch and listen to the show if you visit us at:
Dodge Tank: Crystal Shards Online Series, Book 1 (00:16)
Score: 8.5 out of 10
Steele Alchemist A LitRPG Series (10:06)
Score: 4 out of 10
Gun Meister Online: Adult and Uncensored (17:37)
Score: 7.5 out of 10
“Hello everyone. Welcome to the LitRPG Audiobook Podcast. I’m Ray. I’ll be reviewing some recent and classic LitRPG Audiobooks for you. I’ll begin with:”
“Next is …”
Dodge Tank Crystal Shards Online Series, Book 1
Author: Rick Scott
Narrator(s): Eric Michael Summerer
Audiobook Length: 10 hrs and 18 mins
This book needs a theme song. Given an existing one, I would pick the Cowboy Bebop theme as it is as frantic and frenetic as this book, and sounds great. Everything about this book is tinged with anime, just look at the cover, take away the title and you might think that was a Toonami program. Ryan could be about to throw down with Inuyasha or Naruto. The internal fighting feels the same way, and I am not saying this in a negative way. Anime either works really well, or it fizzles out spectacularly. This book works.
But it shouldn't. I don't do spoilers, but nothing I am going to say won't be revealed in less than five minutes into the book. This book lays on the old LITRPG tropes like it was making a sandwich. Ryan/Reese, the protagonist, lives in poverty and only his gaming keeps the family in food and shelter, but just barely. Trope #2 is the sick relative. Ryan's mother is dying of cancer. Trope #3, the player suffers from a physical ailment. Ryan has a gimpy leg, and this limits what he can do in both the real world and the virtual one. Trope #4 is the cute and supportive love interest. Ryan just so happens to work in the mines every day with a sexy mama, but he's too focused on bringing home the bread to cook some bacon. Trope #5, he has to win against the big boss to save his family. There are a few more, but you get the point. Yeah, Rick Scott almost made me put the book down, because I've seen all of these things a hundred times by this point.
The book also has a few other things that I hate going for it. The first being game currency doubling as real world currency. I see it all the time, and in every book that I read with that as plot device I think that the writer is out of touch. Yes, Bitcoins are real, and there are several other types of Cryptocurrency, but I will say this, no matter how much gold I ever earned in WOW it never translated into my bank accepting that as honest to God dough. I really wish it had, but no. No. The other flaw, and one I particularly loathe, and will not later forgive, is the super leveling that happens. Ryan literally levels roughly 100 times in a matter of days (if you count all the previous classes he had to take before getting to Ninja); and he does this mostly as a solo player. Now I totally get that this is a plot device to get him where he needs to be, but the game would be pretty boring if it took you no time to Max level. I get where he was going, but he could have done the same thing with lower levels. The part that really peeved me about this is that several characters explicitly say that they cannot and will not help him power level, and then he does it anyway.
So, I have just listed a boatload of issues I had with this book, and yet you look at the Stars above and think I am being inconsistent. Well, let me just say that while the tropes are the tropes you forgive each one a little at a time. Ryan is trying to become a dodge tank, that is a person who accrues aggro, but doesn't get hit. He has a few devastating attacks, but the ninja class is designed to gradually wear an opponent down. The book, for me at least, took off when Ryan fought Bathsheba the giant cat. Up until that point the wheels were spinning but had no traction. After that point the car had hit the ground running and was hauling arse like it was on fire. Each trope got resolved or managed to actually have a purpose that fit well into the story as things moved forward.
Best of all, the book derails the plans it laid out so carefully and takes you into new territory. Into a land that you were not expecting, but want to see more of. Now I will warn you that this book does, in fact, end on a MAJOR cliffhanger, so beware if you can't handle not knowing what comes next, and what is coming is like something out of the Matrix. I liked the concept and thought that even with the power leveling Ryan ends the book too weak for the place he is at, and that he needs to start leveling quickly.
Eric Michael Summerer does a really nice job on the narration. There were one or two word snafus, but nothing that was unforgiveable. I enjoyed listening to him, and anticipate his tackling the next book soon. Sound quality was good, and he played each character with emotion and presence.
While it took me a little while to get into this book it sank its claws into me, and has yet to let me go. I cannot wait to see what happens next. You won't either, so don't delay, become a dodge tank fan.
Final Score: 8.5 with points shaved for the power leveling, and the make you want more ending.
Final Score: Based on a scale of 1-10. With 1 being horrible, 5 being average, and 10 being perfect.
“Next is…”
Steele Alchemist A LitRPG Series
Author: Deck Davis
Narrator(s): Kevin Gisi
Audiobook Length: 9 hrs and 33 mins
Last week I reviewed Deck Davis's book, the Arcane Survivalist, and now I find myself doing the same for his other book. I wish I had read this book first, because I wouldn't have struggled so much to listen to the next one. Arcane Survivalist really left a bad taste in my mouth, and if I hadn't gotten these two books together I would have stopped after Survivalist.
This book has a few more story issues than Survivalist, but the narration saves it. If I had to place a wager, I'd put money down that this was Davis' first novel. You can see him making the effort, and he does steer his way through the choppy waters, but he has some holes in his boat when he is done. If this is a first effort, it isn't bad. Not great, but not bad. I guess after reading Blademage Beastmaster, I have higher expectations.
The problems I have here, aside from the story fluctuations is that this also becomes one long giant penis joke. Not funny ones at that. Also, the MC, Steele, is rude. I mean if someone in need of my help spoke to me like that they would go away empty handed. No one would ever just walk up to someone and start acting that way. Not unless they wanted socked in the jaw.
I will say this, which is funny, I hated the title Blademage Beastmaster, but enjoyed the book. I loved the titles Arcane Survivlalist and Steele Alchemist, but did not enjoy them so much. Again, Davis can come up with some catchy titles. And my issues with these books may just be that they weren't polished, but were overwhelmed by potty humor and unlikeable characters. I'd like to think he is improving.
With Alchemist I will say that Gisi almost manages to save the story. There is emotion and tension, and this is read as if it came from a person rather than a tree as in Arcane Survivalist. He manages to make this book bearable. At no point did I pray for it to end like I did Survivalist, and I didn't switch out to another book just to keep my head on straight, and I credit that to Kevin, whose narration was like some aloe vera on a sun burn.
I won't say stay away from this book, it does have some redeeming qualities, and the narration takes it a long way. You might enjoy it, I just hope the bathroom humor gets erased or severely curtailed from here on out, because it really isn't funny.
Final Score 4 out of 10, only because the narration really elevated this piece.
“Next is…”
Gun Meister Online: Adult and Uncensored
Author: Noah Barnett
Narrator(s): Annie Ellicott, Justin Thomas James, Jeff Hays
Audiobook Length: 14 hrs and 13 mins
I have to admit to have been waiting to listen to this book since it first came out. I'd heard a ton of
positive things about it, and the premise seemed pretty cool. I was doubly excited that we got the Adult
and Uncensored version as well. I don't see a need to tone things down, and in the day and age when
Harem lit is popular and even MSE goes graphic I think it is fine to go grown up. After all, this is a book
about people playing a game in which headshots are a common thing. I still would have liked to have
heard the mature cut! I can't imagine what we are missing!!
Next, how can I not comment on the narration? Barnett was a wise man, and went through Soundbooth
Theater, and in this case got not one, but three narrators! Annie Ellicott, Justin Thomas James, and the
ever amazing Jeff Hays all work their butts off, and bring you some of the best vocal readings I have ever
heard! This book is like a reverse image of their usual work, as Hays generally reads the bulk of the story
and Ellicott backs him up with the female voices. Here, however, Annie gets her gun, and takes the lead.
Jeff does most of the male voices, and James locks and loads in as backup on one other voice. This is the
triple threat of narration right here. Jeff is far and away my favorite narrator. I never fail to mention
that, and Annie is coming up on my list as well. James does a great job, I just haven't heard enough of
him to really dole out the praise he assuredly deserves. Hopefuly he'll solo a book and I can tell you just
how incredible I know him to be. As it stands, the work he does is awesome. Anyhow, this combination
is like alternating mortar shells and napalm on your ears. They won't know what hit them. Annie really
pushes the story forward, and Jeff makes you believe he is the Meister we all want to be. I love hearing
this talanted troupe working together, it really brings more to the table than your standard fare.
Have I even mentioned Barnett's writing yet? Nope? Well, I should have. As a fledgling author this cat
has really got it together. He knows how to pace a plot, and build tension. He adds humor in where it is
needed ("I surrender"), and he doesn't hold back on the big story. There is a lot more going on here than
a guy rotating in and out of death duel gun matches. He is also pretty creative with his gaming system.
The players don't build up, but their weapons do. Their weapons are sentient, and require some love to
keep them happy and tied to their owners. This is a creative world, and a unique game. He really has the
ammo necessary to write a Gunventure like this. I like that it takes time for the protagonist to go from
being a doofus to being a leader of men. The ragtag group that he ends up with are all interesting
characters, and I found it humorous that out of all the people in the game there is at least one powder
loading dude keeping things real with the old timey gun. I could totally see my father carrying a flintlock
into the game, and using the tag of Hawkeye. The action scenes are not Michael Bay stupid, but more of
the Die Hard first and second movie type. The big fights are brutal and fun, all three of them, and I must
say that I was glad to have so much content. Anything over 7 or 8 hours of run time is a blessing.
You want to know the best way I can tell you to get this book and read it? The simple fact that I really
want a sequel ASAP. This book blows you off of your arse, and makes you peek around corners as you
listen. You will feel the bullets zip by, and feel the shrapnel of ricochet's spatter your face. You will fall in
love with Elva (sorry, audio book so not sure about the spelling), and wish you could just "holster" her
one time. This is a frantic and frenetic story that locks and loads you in and never lets you up. You will be
pinned down by cover fire, and have no chance of backup coming to save you. Only thing is, you won't
want rescued. You will want to join in the fun, and deal out your own grievous head wounds.
Final Score 7.5 for missing the target at the end needing about 2 hours trimmed off.
This podcast is sponsored by Soundbooth Theater, makers of great audiobooks.
You can follow us on
Our Webpage:
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If you enjoy the podcast and want to support us you can also find all the other ways to support the podcast at
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Das Internet ist ein Stück schlimmer geworden... genau wie die Polizei... DEODORANT, QUICK peeve Metal Gear Solid V# The Phantom Pain Top Clip by stryfedragon BITCOIN ₿ This Weekend will decide the FUTURE ¦ Bearmarket 2018 Similarities ¦ Bitcoin TA 24,01,2020 PET PEEVE #296 Issues with Miss Universe

QT Desktop Wallet Peeve. Over the years I have had my share of recovering with wallet.dat. I have been looking at alternatives to secure my LTC because the QT wallet just seems to bug out; it makes me paranoid. I've been looking at a Ledger Nano S, but reading reviews I am paranoid about them because it appears quite a few of them have been tampered with. I have noticed LiteVault may provide a ... The bitcoin market fell down to $1830 per bitcoin down almost $1000 in a month. Thankfully we all awoke today with the market almost back to its original starting point of around $2500/btc and honestly everyone who is not focuse... Read More. Please reload. Recent Posts. Please Help. March 15, 2018 . One Foot in the Hole. March 11, 2018. Why I Entered The Crypto-Market. March 11, 2018. Please ... Bitcoin (BTC) Rejected at $12k for Third Time, Possible Return to $10k. Bitcoin (BTC) Analysis: Despite Recent Surge, CME Gaps Could Spell Blood. Bitcoin (BTC) Makes Break Upwards Out of Descending Pattern, ETH Settles more Value. Home / News / Petro Peeves: US Senators Slam Venezuelan Cryptocurrency; Bitcoiners Thrive In South America’s Leading Economy. Petro Peeves: US Senators Slam ... Bitcoin Preev allows you to:. See the exchange rate of cryptocurrency i.e. the current value of your cryptocurrency .; Convert any amount to or from your preferred currency.; Bitcoin is a digital currency.You can use Bitcoin to send money to anyone via the Internet with no middleman. Compare Bitcoin to gold and other precious metals by checking out the converters for Bitcoin to gold, Bitcoin to silver, Bitcoin to platinum, and Bitcoin to palladium. Try it on your phone or tablet—this site is designed with mobile devices in mind. Convert in terms of smaller units e.g. microbitcoins (µ), millibitcoins (m). Toggle using keyboard shortcuts: 'u', 'm', and 'k'. Bookmark your ...

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Das Internet ist ein Stück schlimmer geworden... genau wie die Polizei...

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